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Personalised, unbiased nutritional advice you can trust.

With a wealth of misinformation in the media, it is not hard to see why obesity and diabetes are running rampant. The only way to fight back is to be an informed consumer. This is what we do. Through visualising the nutritional information in your favourite products and recipes, we aim to put you back in charge of your diet.


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Why build this App?

My name is Eduard and I am a Type 1 Diabetic.

For as long as I have had to do the grocery shopping, I have struggled to choose between varied brands based on the nutritional information provided. When deciding between Product-A and Product-B, I found it almost impossible to compare nutritional credentials as they invariably had different weights & portion sizes.

I could not figure out how someone like myself with my specific dietary needs, would simply use the same recommendations made to someone else with completely different characteristics. Surely what is good for me cannot be good for a child, a lady in her twenties or an elderly gentleman in his eighties?

That is why I decided to build this app. Setting up a personalised profile and having the phone do all the nutritional calculations for me was a lot simpler than trying to do it all in my head.


By comparing all the products OR recipes in the same category and rank them from 1 to X, it makes finding better options as simple as counting. Being a diabetic, the app also calculates & counts the carbohydrates in my food so I know exactly how much insulin to take to counteract it.

For the last year, I have poured my heart and soul (and most of my savings) into building this app. As I am launching Best In Bag to the public to help me test and improve it, I am still the only full-time employee working on making the app a success.

As I told my wife: “Worst case scenario, this is going to be the most expensive app I’ve ever bought. Best case, there may be more people out there that will find it as useful as I do”.

Thank you for reading my story and for downloading the App. I hope it will help you as much as it helps me!

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  • Customisable health profile to give you personalised recommendations

  • UK product database of over 280,000 products

  • Over 10,000 of your favourite recipes

  • Ability to filter products and recipes based on allergies and lifestyle choices

  • Shopping list builder & shop assistant

  • Customisable shopping list limits to warn against excessive fat / sugar /salt


Find Products & Recipes

Ranks and rates products and recipes based on your personal needs


Calculate Nutrition per Portion

Find the right portion size and calculate the nutritional value


Customise your Health Profile

Eat what is best for you. No more one size fits all!


Directly compare Products & Recipes

Compare the nutrition between multiple items at a glance.

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Video Tutorials

Best In Bag Tutorials
Best In Bag : Finding products and healthier alternatives

Best In Bag : Finding products and healthier alternatives

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Best In Bag : Setting up your custom health profile

Best In Bag : Setting up your custom health profile

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Best In Bag : Understanding product ranking

Best In Bag : Understanding product ranking

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Best In Bag : Creating a Shopping List

Best In Bag : Creating a Shopping List

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Meet The Team

Eduard Erwee - Founder & CEO

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • +18 Years experience working in Data / Application Development & Design

  • Specialist Date Architect & Team Lead (Lloyds Bank / KPMG / JP Morgan / Collins Stewart)

  • Microsoft SQL Server Premier Field Engineer (Financial Services, Government & Telecoms)

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